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  • About us

  • What is Advanon?

    Advanon is an online platform, on which companies can receive liquidity from external investors on the basis of their accounts receivable invoices. There are two services offered: True Sale | Pre-financing.

  • Who is behind Advanon?

    Advanon was founded by a young group of entrepreneurs, which met at Google, highly motivated employees, as well as supporting experts from the financial industry. You can find more information here: About Us

  • In which countries is Advanon available?

    Currently, Advanon is available in Switzerland , as well as Germany . Would you like to see Advanon in your country? Send us an e-mail and let us know in which countries we should be present.

  • Who can help me with my problems best?

    In case of any questions, please do not hesitate to send us an e-mail on [email protected] , or give us a call on +41 44 585 38 50 . We are available between 8:30am and 6:30pm. Most answers you are able to find in the FAQs though.

  • Is Advanon regulated by the responsible financial market supervisory authority?

    In Switzerland, Advanon is a directly subordinated financial intermediary to the FINMA. Advanon respects the corresponding anti-money laundering (AML) and “Know Your Customer” (KYC) laws. In Germany, Advanon is working with Wirecard Bank AG, which is regulated under the German Banking Act and directly supervised by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority of Germany (BaFin).

  • Types of financing

  • What way of financing is most suitable for my company?

    Depending on the circumstances and interests, one of the possibilities is recommended for you. Please check the table below to see which one and receive more information:

    Pre-Financing Prefinance dd6dbeb9ab095c531d6cd845ca3509a32fc1decb9ea418a928bef1713fc41504 Factoring True sale 48d3b33115f809cbcd35c49bf8e1a87390db45db169cdb1b8926c93d01f4e24e
    Credit limit Depends on your credit limit Depend on the credit limit of your end-customer, which in some cases might be better than yours
    Who is the debtor? You remain the debtor of the pre-financing Your client is the new debtor towards Advanon
    Who knows about this? Your client is not being informed about the pre-financing Your clients has to give his or her approval of the sale of an invoice and will therefore be informed by Advanon
    Pricing Pricing depends on the creditworthiness of your company Pricing depends on the creditworthiness of your end-customer
    Time frame Pre-financing available between 15 and 180 days True Sale available between 15 and 180 days
    Regress With regress With regress
  • How can I ensure that my invoice is being financed?

    Advanon offers a marketplace with free decision of the companies, as well as the investors. The market will decide in the end to which conditions an invoice will be financed. We provide the companies with a price proposal, which is based on previously financed invoices and guide the companies to a fee that will be accepted by the investors. You always have the possibility to increase the fees and therefore the chances to receive financing.

  • I have invoices, which I have to pay. Can Advanon finance these as well?

    At the moment, Advanon only accepts accounts receivable invoices (invoices you sent to your end-customer) to be financed. This financing can be used to pay your accounts payable invoices (invoices you have to pay). Therefore it will be possible to pay your suppliers faster and profit from better conditions.

  • My end-customers are private people. Does Advanon also accept such invoices?

    Currently, it is only possible to finance invoices that are set out to other companies. We do not accept B2C invoices.

  • How long may I extend the repayment date of the invoice to the repayment date with Advanon?

    It is possible to extend the payment date up to 60 days towards the repayment date of the end-customer. This can help in the case of delayed repayments of the end-customers or if something does not go as planned.

  • What are my benefits when using Advanon?
    • By financing your invoices via Advanon, you will experience several great benefits. Eliminating the long payment terms of your end-customer enables you to free liquidity within several hours, rather than many weeks. This freed capital may be used to pay open invoices, salaries, accounts payable invoices to benefit from the cashback etc.

    • If an invoice is pre-financed by the investors via the platform, your end-customer will not be informed about it. Advanon will not get in touch with your clients and the credit management will remain with you.

    • Should you decide to sell an invoice, then Advanon will get in touch with your customers.

    • You decide yourself how much fee you are willing to pay. Advanon gives you a recommendation on how much you should offer for each of your offers. By calculating historical values, Advanon can give detailed recommendations in order to ensure your financing. In the end it is solely your decision though.

  • How much may I get financed?

    Every company on Advanon received a credit limit. This limit will be calculated from the document uploaded onto the platform. You can get up to 90% of an invoice financed. As your end-customer will directly pay you, you will receive 100% of the payment directly.

  • My invoices are not CHF 1'000. Can I bundle invoices to reach the minimum value?

    In case your invoices are lower than CHF 1'000, you may bundle these invoices and get them pre-financed to the same conditions.

  • Does my end-customer know about the financing?

    Your end-customer does not get informed if you decide to pre-finance an invoice. Should you decide to sell an invoice, then we will get in touch with your client and have them verify the existence of the specific invoice(s). In order to confirm this, the customer will have to verify the existence via e-mail and you will have to re-send the invoice with our bank details.

  • In which countries can my end-customer be located?

    It does not matter in which country your end-customer is located. In case you write invoices in other currencies than Swiss Francs or Euros, you must convert the currency to the currency of the country you are located in. Advanon reserves the right to decline certain invoices or request more information in case the end-customer cannot be thoroughly verified.

  • What happens when I cannot repay on time?

    Repayment date

    Company is notified about the repayment. No fees charged.

    +7 days

    We call the company in order to find out the reasons for the delay.

    +14 days

    First reminder fee is charged to company.

    +28 days

    Second reminder fee is charged to company.

    +45 days

    We call the company to inform about the debt collection.

    +60 days

    We start the debt collection process.

    The repayment of the total amount (investment amount + agreed fee) should be made by the company on the defined due date. Often the reason for such a delay in repayment is a delay of the debtor to pay the invoice. If a repayment is not made on time, we will contact the company. We will inform you regularly about the status of repayment and try to find a solution to speed up the repayment. The company will have to pay a default interest for every delayed day. The default interest rate is the annualized interest rate on a daily basis. This interest is added to the repayment of the investment.

  • Registration

  • What are the requirements for the usage of the platform?

    In order to keep the risk in a certain range, we require the companies signing up to fulfill following criteria:

    • The company must be registered in the trade register in either in Switzerland or Germany.

    • The company must set out invoices to other companies (B2B).

    • We credit check the company and in case of a negative result, Advanon retains the right to not allow the company on the platform.

  • How can I sign up?

    In order to sign up on Advanon, please click here

  • How does the identification work on the platform?

    It is necessary for the persons with signatory rights to identify themselves on the platform. This is not immediately necessary when signing up, but has to be done before we can transfer the financing to the company. The identification will be done online. We require a signature, as well as a copy of a valid identification card or a valid passport.

  • How do I get access to the platform and how does the upload of invoices work on the platform?

    After the successful registration you have to confirm your e-mail address. To do so, you will receive an e-mail. Afterwards, you may log in and complete your personal information and profile. Generally, we assume the credit limit to be higher the more information is being provided to Advanon and the more transparent you are towards us. In the beginning you may use a small allowance to test out the platform with a first invoice.

  • Can I delete my account?

    You can certainly delete your account anytime you decide to leave us. After deleting your account, you will not be able to retrieve your information. To do so, please log in onto the platform and go to Settings.

  • How big is the administrative effort?

    The platform is very easy to use. Contrary to classical factoring companies we do not require separate accounting. You upload the invoices you would like to have financed and we will set them as offers live on the platform after verifying them.

  • Payment

  • How long does it take from upload until receiving the financing on my bank account?

    Every new offer can be invested in on the platform between two and five days. The investors may take their time until the last day of the offering to transfer the financing to Advanon. Advanon transfers the liquidity to your account within 24 hours after receiving it from the investors (apart from weekends). Generally, you can assume to receive the funds within 24 - 48 hours after your offer is set live on the platform.

  • What costs are there for financing?

    The costs of a financing are calculated per offer and include two components: The brokerage fee, which is for Advanon as service provider, as well as the investor fee, which is being transferred to the investors who invested in your invoices.

  • How do I receive the funds from the investors invested in my invoices?

    One or several investors may invest in your invoices. The investors choose individually how much of which invoices they want to invest. As soon as an invoice is financed to more 50% or more, you enter into a contract with Advanon and you will receive the financed amount. The investors transfer the cash to Advanon and we forward it to your provided bank account. As soon as your offer ends, it may take up to 24 hours for the money to be transferred to you (except weekends). Your end-customer will always pay the invoice to your account, when you receive pre-financing. Upon repayment date, it is up to the company to repay the financing (including fee) to Advanon.

  • Are there any other fees?

    No. Advanon is a transparent platform and we believe that you should only pay fees that bring you the most value. There are no fees for uploading an invoice, no feed for the credit check, nor for an unsuccessful financing. The costs are always visible for you and are chosen by the company requesting financing.

  • What currencies can be traded on the platform?

    You can upload invoices in all sorts of currencies. It is currently only possible to receive Swiss Francs (CHF) or Euros (EUR). In Switzerland you receive CHF, in Germany EUR. We are working on the possibility to trade other currencies as well.

  • Invoice splitting

  • What benefits are there for the invoice splitting?

    As a split of the invoices allows more investors to finance your invoice, this increases the possibility of your invoice being financed faster.

  • How does the invoice splitting work?

    There are no changes for you. You upload the invoice as you used to. Investors now have the possibility to finance parts of an invoice. The different financings are collected by Advanon and transferred to your account at once. The repayment happens the same way. You will only execute one payment to Advanon and we take care of the rest.

  • How much can I get financed?

    The minimum is CHF 1'000. The maximum you can finance is 90% of each invoice, or up to the credit limit. Depending on what is reached first. We will transfer the money to you as soon as 50% of the invoice is financed. In case the financing is lower than 50%, you can always raise the fee to increase your chances for financing.

  • Why is the number of investors limited to 20?

    The Swiss law does not allow companies to have more than 20 external investors. We therefore have capped the number of investors at 20. In order to standardize the platform, we have issued the same rule for Germany.

  • Can I see to how much my invoice is financed?

    Yes, you can always see to how much percent your invoice has been financed so far.

  • Privacy

  • Is my data safe with Advanon?

    Privacy is a very important topic for Advanon. Advanon takes responsibility to keep your data as secure as possible. The sensibilisation of employees, regular training and an appropriate internal organization are elements, which ensure compliance with data protection.

  • Who can see my data?

    Generally, only you have access to your data. You can decide, which invoices are being presented to the investors. The investors only see the respective offers, as well as the calculated creditworthiness of your company, which is key for the proposed fee percentage. The investors do not see the invoice, nor the name of your end-customer. In case of a true sale of the invoice the end-customer will be informed and also the investor will know the name of your client.

  • Why do I have to verify my identity?

    In order to protect the integrity of the platform, we require an identity check of all users of the platform. We do this by checking the copy of the passport or the identity card. We also require all people with signatory rights to sign our frame contract, which is being done via HelloSign.

  • Are my clients being informed that I use a service to finance my invoices?

    In case of a pre-financing your clients are not being informed that you received financing from external investors. Should you decide to sell your invoice, then it is essential for us to talk to your client and have the existence of the invoice verified. The invoice has to be verified in any case. You are asked to upload verification documents, which verifies that your client is informed about the invoice, that a service has been provided, and/or good have been delivered. This can be verified by a contract, an order, a delivery note or similar.

  • Contracts

  • Does the transfer of the amount establish a valid contract?

    Yes. If the company uploads an invoice and the investor confirms that he will pre-finance it, a contract is formed. The Investor confirms to provide the named sum and the company is committed repay it back with the associated fees.

  • Does the investor assume the risk of default for the invoice?

    The company that signed up on Advanon is the one, that remains the debtor and is responsible to repay to Advanon. The company retains the credit management and is obliged to repay, even if the end-customer does not pay its bills. We therefore encourage the companies to only upload the invoices they are certain are being paid by the end-customers. Advanon should not be used to pass off invoices that might not get paid. We help companies to eliminate the long payment terms of their end-customers, whereas the outstanding accounts receivable invoice acts as the basis of the financing.

  • How can I ensure that the investor is reliable?

    Every user on the Advanon platform has to verify their identity. Furthermore, all participants on the platform are being checked by Advanon.

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