Interview with Can Olcer, Battere AG

Can, what is your business model at Battere?

We rent mobile rechargeable batteries at the k kiosk stores. Clients can rent a fully charged battery for 4 swiss francs and leave a deposit of 15 swiss francs. With that, they can recharge their mobile phone or any other mobile electronic devices at any time and any place. Out batteries are charged with solar electricity. Our goal is the provision of clean, mobile energy for everyone.

When did you incorporate Battere and why?

Our company now exists for three years. First, the business model of our company was a little bit different. Back then, we only supplied business clients with rechargeable batteries, collected them again and recharged them with solar electricity. Our goal was to reduce the waste of batteries. Some factors led to the outcome, that we did not expand this service anymore.

Which problems did you face?

When we had the idea to rent rechargable batteries, we first wanted to rent them to bars and restaurants. This did not work very well. When we then concluded the deal with Valora, it was clear, that we would need a lot of batteries in a short period of time. This are big investitions for a small startup. Considered the long payment terms that were agreed on with the client and that we had to pay wages and other overheads during this time.

How did you handle this problem?

We looked after financing possibilities, to improve our liquidity. Banks often dont work with young companies, because it is too risky for them. But seriously, who wants to work with banks anyway? That too much of an effort, because they dont know the needs of a growing startup. We also discussed factoring, but it’s not flexible enough for us. Through my friend we took notice of Advanon, the factoring alternative.

Why did you choose Advanon?

Advanon’s financing solution is fast and easy to use. We needed exactly this efficiency and simplicity to improve our liquidity and satisfy the growing customer demand for our battery packs. Furthermore, the individual consulting is very helpful and they were very responsive to our needs.

What are your goals for the future?

We want to establish our service first in switzerland. Later on, we also want to expand into foreign countries. Our goal is, to provide humans with mobile solar electricity for every mobile device.

Case Study

Philip Bill, Exurbe Cosmetics

"Advanon helps us to finance growth without going through the bureaucratic hassle associated with more traditional forms of financing"

AbVentures AG - vegan, ethical cosmetics

abVentures AG is a Zurich-based company seeking new business opportunities in the world of retail and personal services. Founded by two young Entrepreneurs in 2013, their newest venture, exurbe cosmetics, attempts to change people’s perception about the cosmetics industry. exurbe cosmetics stands for vegan cosmetic products that are produced ethically to 100% in Europe.

Demand grows rapidly - Advanon supports growth

Demand for their latest beauty product line has skyrocketed in the past few weeks and even surpassed the two founders’ initial expectations. Today, exurbe products are being sold successfully through specialized shops, pharmacies, beauty parlors, or through their own webstore. To finance growth and production, relatively large upfront investments are required.. “If you want to move fast, you also have to be able to finance growth quickly,” says Philip Bill one of the initial founders of abVentures AG.

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